Bag and pouch sealers can either be a single unit manually activated or all the way up to high speed bagger filler lines. Bags are made from rolls of plastic film that can be heat sealed. Sealers can be gas flushed or have vacuum snorkels. Intermittent motion or continual baggers will also work in conjunction with a filler unit.

CFM Worldwide sells used bag and pouch sealers, intermittent motion baggers, dual chamber units, liquid filling and sealing baggers, and vertical form, fill and seal units. We commonly have inventory from the following manufacturers: CryovAc, General Packaging, Rovema, Haysen, Ishida, Eagle, Chaffee, Clamco, Kramer and Grebe, Multivac, Pack Rite, Poly Clip, Seal Master, and TEW.

If you can't find what you need here, please let us know. Many companies come to us for help in marketing their surplus. We may know of future used food equipment not shown in these listings that will fit your needs.