All containers once they are sealed, require sterilization to be shelf stable. The most common way is with steam heat or hot water heat. There is also microwave and radioactive methods of sterilization. CFM Worldwide sales personnel are well acquainted with all forms of container sterilization methods and are a valued resource in deciding on a sterilization system. 


CFM Worldwide sells used rotary can cookers and coolers, tunnels, horizontal / vertical retorts, agitated retorts, Rotomats, lab retorts, autoclaves, and hydrostatic cookers. We commonly have inventory from the following manufactures: FMC, South Valley, Anderson Barngrover, I and H, Stock, Statori / Stocktec, Allpax, Rotomat, AK Robbins, JBT Foodtec, American Standard, American Sterilizer Company, Berlin Chapman, Castle, Market Forge, and Reid.


If you can't find what you need here, please let us know. Many companies come to us for help in marketing their surplus. We may know of future used food equipment not shown in these listings that will fit your needs.