Peelers are used to remove or soften the outer skins on fruits and vegetables. They can utilized chemical caustic (lye), hot water, pressurized steam vessels, or abrasive methods. Peel removal systems typically go after the peeler and finish cleaning off the fruit or vegetable peel to the acceptable quality. CFM Worldwide has a wide range of peelers and expertise to match your needs with the correct peeler.

CFM Worldwide sells used steam peelers, hot water peelers, caustic peelers, pressure peelers, mechanical or abrasive peelers, pinch peel removers, scrubbers, and rubber disc scrubbers. We commonly have inventory from the following manufacturers: FMC, Imdec, Hobart, Magnuson, Reynolds, Savi, Key, JBT Foodtec. and Odenburg.

If you can't find what you need here, please let us know. Many companies come to us for help in marketing their surplus. We may know of future used food equipment not shown in these listings that will fit your needs.