Custom Stainless Equipment Company stainless steel steam injected blancher, model number CCS 0906, serial number 80180, 9" diameter x 72" long screw, 8" wide x 12-1/2" long product infeed, 54" product infeed height, 6" wide x 9" long flanged product discharge, 8" product discharge height, 5 each steam injectors with 1" diameter steam manifold, Wood's model J033 Ultracon SCR drive control, speed and torque controls, on/off, wired 115/1/60, available at 50 Hz, 1/3 HP direct current electric motor gearhead chain drive, 1750 RPM, wired 80a/100f, 60:1 ratio, stainless steel contact, mild steel frame on casters, requires one infuser cap.