FMC 18 station volumetric pocket filler, serial number 4854-123-65, counter clockwise rotation, 54" diameter filler bowl, 2-3/4" diameter x 2-1/2" deep upper pockets, 2-7/8" diameter x 2-3/8" deep lower pockets, 11.3 cubic inch to 22.0 cubic inch fill range, 5" wide product overflow catch pan, 40-1/2" product infeed height, "no can no fill", 1 HP direct current electric motor gearhead chain drive, 1800 RPM, 0-100 volts, 9.3 amps, non-standard 12" wide x 18' long thermoplastic table top conveyor, 1/2" tall x 10" wide cleats spaced every 8", 33-1/2" conveyor infeed and discharge height, 12" wide x 18" long inspection/operators table, chain driven by filler, Telemotive 10-K-12 control panel, mild steel and stainless steel construction, stainless steel contact, requires product bowl brush and conveyor guide rails.