JBT Saturno Tomato Peeling System, rated to 60 tons per hour, complete system includes: 1) 42" wide x 14' long Intralox flighted feed elevator with a 2' long horizontal discharge section, 3hp SEW gearhead drive. 2) 42" wide x 42" long Intralox peeler feed belt, hydraulic drive. 3) FMC Italy model 3492 rotary hot water scalder, serial number 10163, rated to 29psi, equipped with rotary infeed and discharge valves, with gearhead chain drives, new in 2000, no controls. 4) 32" wide flighted discharge elevator, Intralox belting, 45 degree angle, 48" long horizontal feed section, 25' long elevator section and a 40" long horizontal discharge section. 5) Dry-Vac system complete with condenser, separator, (2) Travaini 25hp vacuum pump and transfer pumps, new in 2000, no controls. 6) Mild steel superstructure and stainless steel platforms, catwalks & stairs. 7) Complete system is offered as is – good condition, removed and ready for shipping, FOB Ingomar Packing Company California. Additional pictures can be downloaded at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qh2Pv9tEHYavx6a43hneuKAFuYk7j1MC?usp=sharing